About the Organisation

GVZH is a modern, sophisticated multi-disciplinary practice composed of top-tier legal, tax and accounting professionals and rooted in decades of experience in the Maltese business landscape.


years of experience

GVZH’s history spans back several decades to the separate legal practices.


team members

GVZH has a headcount of forty-five professionals and support staff.


billion euro

The value of corporate acquisitions and finance deals closed in 2022.


Built on the principles of acumen, integrity and clarity, GVZH is a professional services organisation composed of four key business units: GVZH Advocates, GVZH Trustees Limited, GVZH Services Limited and Ewropa Consultancy Services Limited. Each of these operational units is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, providing advice and management support on a wide spectrum of complex legal, regulatory, financing, accounting and compliance issues to the business community.

About the Organisation

The principal operational pillars of the organisation are GVZH Advocates and GVZH Trustees Limited. The roots of GVZH Advocates date back to 1943, when Dr Albert Grech Snr and Dr Joseph Vella Snr set up their separate legal practices in Valletta. Their respective sons, Dr Albert S Grech and Dr Joseph J Vella, were called to the bar in 1972 and 1974 respectively to become leading practitioners in the Maltese legal profession in their own right.  Through a series of strategic mergers in 1997, 2000 and 2016, today the firm is a veritable powerhouse within the Maltese legal landscape, including some of Malta’s finest professionals.

GVZH’s staff complement comprises professionals specializing in various areas of business law, corporate services, tax and accounting, providing the depth and breadth of service sought by the most discerning clients, both local and foreign, and is led by five partners. The firm is actively involved in complex corporate work, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance transactions, a wide spectrum of regulatory matters, intellectual property, commercial agreements and commercial disputes, servicing entrepreneurs, corporates and international law firms based principally in the European Union, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

GVZH Advocates also owns and operates GVZH Trustees Limited (C 23095) an independent licensed trust company established in 1998, which is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as corporate trustee, administrator of foundations and provide a full suite of corporate management, accounting, tax, payroll and administrative services.

The organisation’s Purpose and Values are kept at the core of everything we do:

Purpose:    Navigating challenges and exploring the uncharted.

Values:      Seek clarity. Find a better way. Go further, together.

Our curiosity keeps us humble, creative and innovative, whilst our perseverance keeps us firmly grounded, working resolutely towards achieving the best results and possible outcomes, together.​

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Diversity & Inclusion

At GVZH, diversity & inclusion are integral parts of our culture and identity.

At GVZH, diversity & inclusion are integral parts of our culture and identity. Whether related to gender, ethnicity, citizenship age, sexual orientation, or any other aspect which makes individuals truly unique and individual, and mindful of people’s right to a private life, inclusion is the approach we take towards our personal differences, creating an environment where all our professionals and staff can feel comfortable being authentic and empowered to succeed. We recognise that diversity makes us a healthier organisation which contributes towards attracting outstanding talent to drive creativity and innovation and deliver the best experience for our clients.

As part of our People Strategy, we seek to create a workforce which is broadly reflective of the larger community. We are fully committed to ensure that our people are supported in capitalising on their skills and capabilities in an inclusive manner. We foster a welcoming environment which recognises and respects everyone for their unique characteristics, experiences, and skills, providing advancement opportunities to people of different backgrounds and perspectives to be represented in leadership positions within the organisation. The organisation offers flexible working arrangements aimed at achieving a good work-life balance for our people.

We also recognise the abilities and unique talents of individuals living with a disability, and seek to identify key roles to enable them to contribute towards the organisation’s purpose and objectives.

Recognising that a diverse team makes us stronger and more effective to move forward, together, it remains a paramount commitment for GVZH to maintain an open, respectable, and inclusive workplace.

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Responsible Business & Pro Bono Services

GVZH is dedicated to making a tangible contribution of both financial and pro bono professional support towards various social causes.

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Responsible Business & Pro Bono Services

The firm’s initiatives are primarily dedicated towards:

Reducing social injustice;
Assisting specific social causes; and
Preserving Malta’s cultural heritage.
Recent social contributions include the following:

Stop the Traffik
Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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