Getting a Financial Services or Fintech Licence

Getting a Financial Services or Fintech Licence

Malta offers several attractions as a financial centre within the European Union, providing a stable base to access Europe’s market of almost 500 million consumers. If you’re looking to establish a financial services operation, handling banking, insurance, asset management, payment services or a combination of these activities within the EU, Malta may be a valuable part of your strategy.

Our regulatory team handles a wide spectrum of financial services and fintech licences, cross-border passporting requests and on-going regulatory and compliance matters, across the banking, insurance and asset management industries, from thought to finish. We would be delighted to understand your business model and the strategic value that Malta could add, guiding you through the challenges and pitfalls throughout the process.

If you’d like to understand how Malta could serve as an attractive base for your pan-European operations or as an integral part of your EU facing strategy, please do get in touch.

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