The Sovereign Military Oder of Malta

One of the oldest organisations in Western and Christian civilisation is the Sovereign Order of Malta. The Sovereign Order of Malta, a Catholic religious order that dates to 1113 and a subject of international law, that has diplomatic ties with more than 100 nations, including the European Union, and holds permanent observer status at the United Nations. It is unbiased, apolitical, and nonpartisan.

The Order of Malta strives to help those in need via its humanitarian, social, and medical initiatives in 120 different countries. It provides help to those left out or excluded from society via its wide range of social programs. It takes a special interest in assisting those who are affected by armed conflicts and natural catastrophes by providing medical care, hosting refugees, and delivering essential supplies for survival. Regardless of ethnicity or faith, the Order of Malta is committed to maintain human dignity and help those who is in need.

The Order of Malta was founded in Jerusalem in the 11th century. Its name, Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, reflects its 900-year heritage. The Order of Malta has had its administrative headquarters in Rome since 1834, where it is granted extraterritorial privileges.

In addition to several hospitals, medical facilities, and specialised foundations, the Order of Malta is active through 11 Priories, 48 national Associations, 133 diplomatic missions, 1 international relief organisation, and 33 national volunteer corps. It does not rely on any other state or government and does not pursue any economic or political objectives.

Across the world, the Order of Malta has ongoing medical, social, and humanitarian operations. Its 13,500 members, 80,000 permanent volunteers, and qualified staff of 42,000 professionals, the majority of whom are medical professionals and paramedics, form an effective network that includes everything from hospital work, medical care, social services, and emergency relief for refugees to those going through war and conflict. Its programs are currently operational in 120 countries and are operated either independently or as part of partnerships with governments and international organisations.

Aid for those affected by armed war and natural disasters has increased in the past decades. The Order of Malta offers emergency medical and humanitarian help through its national Associations, volunteer corps, Malteser International, and collaborates with the impacted populations to implement reconstruction and disaster preparedness programs.

The Order offers support to refugees across the world in countries of origin, countries of transit, and countries of arrival. The Order of Malta stays after the crisis with the aim to reduce poverty and vulnerability.

The Order of Malta’s social care programmes assist thousands of people who require dedicated care. These daily acts of support and generosity do not attract attention however but demonstrate the Order’s commitment and dedication to care for its volunteers and members.

Dementia patients, the severely disabled and people requiring palliative care receive constant attention in specialist centres. In response to poverty brought on by the economic crisis, additional soup kitchens and food banks are operational.

The Order of Malta both supports and directly manages hundreds of medical centres, 20 hospitals and 110 homes for the elderly, first-aid and ambulance crews.