Cyber Security

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on IT technologies and services, mobile devices, cloud services and social media. Cybersecurity, which is the protection of system, networks and data in cyberspace from attack, damage or unauthorised access, is now a vital element to any business. Cyber criminals are now hacking into firms and launching “denial of service” attacks. They have also been known to carry out identity theft and financial fraud, which means that employees and customers are also at risk.

Applicants for a financial services license are now required by the Malta Financial Services Authority to implement an IT and operational setup when the master data is located in Malta. The Malta Gaming Authority requires applicants for remote gaming licenses to implement an information security policy which safeguards data, applications, equipment and network, as well as a strict system access control policy. If remote gaming applicants do not adhere to these cyber security policies, they will not be issued a license to operate their business from Malta.

  • Legal risk assessments
  • Compliance and strategic risk mitigation counselling
  • Due diligence and risk allocation advice for transactions of all types
  • Security incident preparedness, response, and disclosure counselling
  • Engagement with public policy and regulatory processes
  • Representation in the event of an investigation, enforcement action, or litigation
  • Data breach and cybercrime
  • Global data transfer solutions
  • Compliance with local privacy laws
  • Information governance and records management
  • Privacy impact assessments and risk management
  • Security policies and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Government and law enforcement data requests
  • Public sector issues and freedom of information
  • Digital media privacy
  • Outsourcing and HR solutions
  • Incident response plan

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