Corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy scenarios invariably bring to the fore a number of legal issues affecting the rights of all stakeholders, the ranking of creditors, and the compliance with various legal procedures intended to safeguard the interests of the parties involved.

At GVZH Advocates we provide comprehensive guidance and advice in relation to liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings that may affect them and legal assistance to liquidators in relation to the procedures and formalities involved in the winding up process, particularly where cross-border issues are involved.

Our services include the following:

Analysis of restructuring or corporate recovery solutions available prior to liquidation

Advice on formalities relating to the dissolution of companies

Representing client interests in third party liquidation proceedings

Conducting assets and liability searches in public records in Malta

Acting as liquidators

Providing legal support to liquidators

Protection of stakeholder interests

Ranking of creditors’ rights

Applications for winding up by the Court

Assistance with personal bankruptcy matters

Handling of contentious matters

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