Third Country Nationals travelling within the European Union

The EU grants its citizens the right to move freely within the European Union and it entitles every EU citizen to exercise the right to work, travel and reside within any EU country without any major requisites.

A third-country national who is in possession of a passport and a valid residence permit issued by any member state within the Schengen area will be able to travel within Schengen for a period not exceeding three months in any six month period. Thus these documents are enough to substitute the need to apply for a visa. The right pertaining to the free movement of third country national within the EU stems from the EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights. The Charter states that citizens of the EU may travel and reside within the EU territory and the charter continues to extend these rights to third-country nationals.

Key Contacts

Andrew J. Zammit

Ann Bugeja

Nicola Fenech Conti

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