Malta Start-Up Residency Permit 2022

27 Oct 2021

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During Malta’s Financial Budget 2022, Finance Minister, Clyde Caruana has publicized a new directive targeting third-country nationals who would like to embark on the start-up of their business in Malta. Such entrepreneurs who wish to reside in Malta and to legally establish an EU wide start-up, ought to have a successful entrepreneurial history together with a business objective and proven success in a third country. The Malta Enterprise along with Malta Residency Agency promises entrepreneurs, permanent EU residency and sunny Malta as their new domicile. Attractive packages, opportunities and benefits are awaiting such start-ups. Further details on this programme will be communicated in the coming weeks. This is one of many programmes which Malta has to offer to foreign nationals, with the intention of encouraging them to relocate to Malta.

Caruana was also pleased to mention that the online platform on the Identity Malta portal has been undergoing improvement and that more services related to work permits and relocation will be made available digitally for applicants and legal professionals.