European Funding

European Funding

Every year, thousands of companies of all sizes in Malta and abroad benefit from EU grants and funding. There are multiple opportunities for access to funding across several industries, many of which are untapped.

Ewropa Consultancy Services Limited has been set up to help you get access to the money you need, and navigate the sometimes obscure and difficult procedures to find out what funds are available to you, as well as speed up the application process on your behalf.

The five basic steps to access EU Funds:

  1. Find a funding opportunity
  2. Submit an application
  3. Succeed in the selection process
  4. Sign the Grant Agreement
  5. Manage the implementation of your project

In certain cases, you may also need to find a project Partner in another country, which we can also assist you with.

All you need to know in a nutshell

  1. Are you eligible? – Specific criteria for eligibility are set out in each funding programme and individual call. In addition to direct grants, a wide range of financing is available, such as business loans, microfinance, guarantees and venture capital.
  2. Identify a call – Once you have established eligibility, you will need to identify a relevant call for proposals/projects and carefully follow the specific guidelines on how to apply – each call is unique.
  3. Apply – Depending on the technical nature of the field, the budget available, and the expected number of proposals, the application procedure can involve one or two stages. Under the 1-stage procedure, applicants will be required to submit a full application at the outset of the process. Under the 2-stage procedure, applicants must first submit an initial summary proposal and if such proposal is shortlisted, applicants will then be invited to submit a full application in the second phase.
  4. Selection process – Proposals are evaluated against the criteria listed in the call.
  5. Sign Grant Agreement – If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to sign a detailed contract called a ‘Grant Agreement’. As an applicant, you may have to follow a number of steps at this stage, including providing further legal and administrative details not included in the proposal, as well as possibly amending the proposal as indicated in the evaluation report, if applicable.
  6. Payment – Grants are usually paid out in several instalments over the duration of the project, as agreed in the Grant Agreement.
  7. Post grant management – Once the Grant Agreement is signed, your project must be carefully managed until completion. This will entail completing reporting templates and meeting set deadlines. The European Commission will monitor the implementation of your project to ensure its compliance with the Grant Agreement, including for example carrying out financial audits on your accounts to verify the eligible costs incurred. It is therefore crucial to keep records and other supporting documentation to prove that your project has been properly implemented. This includes keeping records on eligible costs and corresponding accounts.

About Us

How can Ewropa Consultancy help you?

EU funding programmes cover numerous fields. As a result, the criteria and conditions for the grants vary immensely depending on the field in question as each call for proposals is unique. Applicants would need to be very well informed about the criteria they must fulfil in order to be eligible for EU funding for their projects or activities.

Ewropa carries out all necessary research, liaises with external bodies and implements the application process from A-Z.

Ewropa offers a one-stop-shop service which includes grant identification, application submission and when requested, post-grant project compliance services. We provide a complete solution package from the identification of the relevant grant to the coordination of the project so that you can remain focused on your main areas of activities.

What We Do

Ewropa will carry out all groundwork research for your project. We will:

  • Familiarise ourselves with your project
  • Identify the relevant call
  • Outline the requirements of the awarding body: European Commission or Maltese authority
  • Make all necessary contacts
  • Assist you throughout the application process until submission
  • Act as intermediary during the selection process
  • Assist with the Grant Agreement
  • Assist with post grant management of your project

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