Malta’s historical ties with the sea continue to provide opportunities in the maritime sector, including various solutions for yacht and super-yacht owners. Besides offering world-class berthing facilities to super yachts in Malta, the island offers yacht-owners several attractive solutions including temporary importation procedure, VAT-efficient finance leasing structures and certification of commercial yachts.

Our maritime practice also provides the following services:

  • Registration and deletion of yachts and super yachts under the Malta flag;
  • Sale and purchase transactions
  • Structuring and implementation of tax-efficient yacht-owning structures;
  • Co-ordination of commercial yacht certification;
  • Co-ordination of temporary importation procedures;
  • Searches of the Malta yacht register;
  • Searches of Maltese yacht-owning entities;
  • Co-ordination of yacht financing transactions, preparation and review of loan agreements, security agreements, statutory mortgages, collateral deeds of covenants, issuing of legal opinions;
  • Registration, amendment, transfer and discharge of statutory mortgage deeds registered over Malta-registered yachts;
  • Upkeep of annual renewal of registration;
  • Enforcement of claims against Malta-registered yachts, and yachts situated within Maltese territorial waters;
  • Handling of on-going crewing and compliance formalities with the relevant Maltese authorities;
  • Tax structuring and administration.

For further information about how GVZH Advocates can help you with your yachting legal requirements, kindly contact us on transportation@gvzh.mt.

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