Employment Newsletter Q1 – March 2020

Welcome to the GVZH Employment Law newsletter!

As a brief introduction, as a firm we plan on publishing this newsletter on a quarterly basis. The idea is to write on various topical matters which we think and hope that you will find interesting.

The intent behind this newsletter is purely to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice.

Unsurprisingly, our first newsletter will be covering the issue that is on everyone’s mind, the Covid-19 outbreak. This new reality has taken us all by surprise, it has indeed challenged the way we work and most importantly the way we think. In these past days we have had to face challenges ranging from working completely from home (telework), to seeing individuals go on forced leave, unpaid leave, 3-day weeks etc.

We hope you will enjoy this first issue and look forward to receiving any feedback or comments you may have.

Keep safe, stay indoors as much as possible and wash your hands!

Best regards,

The GVZH Employment Law Team

measures to aid in Averting Redundancies

One of the pillars of Maltese society and a fundamental human right is the right to work. Based on this premise, employers everywhere and the Government are taking as many measures as possible to avert redundancy. Article 42 of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act is the pinnacle of all discussions related to this point, but what is this article?

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Redundancies under Maltese Law

What if there are no more options left and redundancies have to be made?

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Teleworking Becomes a Necessity not just an Employee Benefit

What are the employment law formalities which must be in place for a teleworking arrangement?

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Tips to Ensure Data Security Whilst Working from Home

Whilst the present circumstances have given rise to many employment questions, employers also need to keep in mind that shifting to a remote working system may lead to some data security issues.

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