Financial Services & Fintech |  Nov 09, 2017

Technology 2020 – The Future of Financial Services is With Us

Date: 9th November 2017

Location: Hilton Malta | Conference Centre

KPMG’s Biennial FinTech Conference will be focusing on managing Big Data, harnessing AI, and embracing the decentralised real time approach brought about by Blockchain technologies. In taking on the perceived IT threat, banks and financial institutions, insurance underwriters and intermediaries, as well as the investment management industry, discussions will focus on seeing and meeting these challenges with a view to transforming it into an opportunity.

Dr. Andrew Zammit, Managing Partner at GVZH Advocates, will be speaking at this event, covering investment management and financial technology as a tool for growth within investment services.

For further information on how GVZH Advocates can help with your financial services legal requirements, please email us here.

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Key Contacts

Kurt Hyzler | GVZH Advocates | Malta Law Firm

Kurt Hyzler

Andrew J Zammit | Managing Partner | GVZH Advocates

Andrew J. Zammit

Catherine Janula | GVZH Advocates

Catherine Janula

Nicola Fenech Conti - GVZH Advocates - Malta Law Firm

Nicola Fenech Conti

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