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USA-Malta double taxation agreement

04 Jan 2011

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29th February, 2008 – At a Press Conference jointly held with Parliamentary Secretary Tonio Fenech and US Ambassador Molly Bordonaro, Foreign Minister Michael Frendo said that the USA-Malta Double Taxation Agreement is now expected to be signed soon and that the last leg of the process, that is concluding formal negotiations (after substantive detailed agreement at the informal stage) have officially begun in accordance with an announcement this week by the US Treasury Department. He described this development as “a significant milestone in Malta-USA relations”.

He referred to the signature and ratification of a number of double taxation agreements in the past four years in particular the double taxation agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Spain, Greece, Iceland and San Marino. The Double Taxation Agreements with Switzerland and Jordan are now concluded and ready for signature.

Minister Frendo emphasised that this framework, including the conclusion of the DTA with the USA, now expected soon, is important for the target to make Malta a centre of excellence in a number of focused areas including information and communications technology – with Smart City as a flagship project – education, health and financial services, Minister Frendo emphasised.

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