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Malta Completes the Transposition of the UCITS V Directive

18 Apr 2016

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By means of the issuance of a circular, the MFSA has announced the publication of the following regulations issued in terms of the Investment Services Act, 1994, which completes the process of transposition of the UCITS V Directive:

  1. Investment Services Act (Control of Assets) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016 [L.N. 113 of 2016]
  2. Investment Services Act (Custodians of Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations, 2016 [L.N. 114 of 2006];
  3. Investment Services Act (UCITS Administrative Penalties, Measures and Investigatory Powers) Regulations, 2016 [L.N. 115 of 2016] and
  4. Investment Services Act (UCITS Management Company Passport) (Amendment), Regulations, 2016 [L.N. 116 of 2016].

Concurrently, the MFSA amounted the publication of revised versions of the following Investment Services Rulebooks:

  1. The Investment Services Rules for Investment Services Providers;
  2. The Investment Services Rules for Professional Investor Funds;
  3. The Investment Services Rules for Alternative Investment Funds; and
  4. The Investment Services Rules for Retail Collective Investment Schemes.

The MFSA circular may be viewed here for further details on the above-mentioned changes.

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