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Transport Malta to Conduct Survey on Seafarers Serving on Malta Flag Ships

23 May 2015

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Transport Malta has issued a notice for shipowners, ship operators, managers, masters, owners’ representatives and recognised organisations to notify that the Merchant Shipping Directorate will be conducting surveys in order to determine the number of seafarers serving on Maltese registered ships.

Malta flag registered ships are for this reason being asked to send an updated copy of the ship’s crew list as at the end of June and December, the dates when the survey will be carried out each year.

The list, other than the personal details of the crew including rank, gender, age and nationality, should also include ship details such as the name, IMO number of the ship and whether the ship status is trading, undergoing repairs or currently laid-up.

Transport Malta emphasised on the importance that all the data sent is accurate and arrives within one month of the six-month period when the survey is held.

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