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Off-days falling on weekend to be added to vacation leave

04 Jan 2021

2 min read

On the 21st of December, it was announced that Cabinet had approved a legislative amendment put forward by OPM Minister Carmelo Abela whereby holidays falling on the weekend will be added to employees’ annual vacation entitlement.

Abela himself believes that it is important for Maltese workers to have a good work-life balance, stating that “This is a Government that believes in the valuable and fair contribution that every worker has to make in the workplace but at the same time that the same workers must have time for them and their family. This amendment is another example of the extent to which this Government carries out what it promises.”

The National Holiday & Other Public Holidays Act (Chapter 252) will reverse a measure implemented in 2005. Once the go-ahead is given in 2021, every public holiday that shall fall on a Saturday or Sunday will automatically be added to an employees’ annual entitlement.

In 2021, workers will be receiving 3 additional days since 1st May, 15th August and Christmas are to fall on a Saturday or Sunday, whilst workers will receive four additional days in 2022 with New Year’s Day, 19th March, 1st May and Christmas Day all falling on a weekend.

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