Update | Notes from BREXIT Island – A public lecture brought to you by the London School of Economics with the support of GVZH Advocates

01 Feb 2017

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Lecture: from 6pm-7pm
Drinks Reception: 7pm-8pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed to Wednesday 15th February 2017. Should you be interested in registering for the event, kindly send an email to info@gvzh.mt

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union came as a shock to many in Europe and internationally, and raised concerns that Britain is heading towards isolating itself not only from the rest of Europe but taking a more populist, inward-looking, mercantilist view towards international relations. Supporters of Brexit counter by arguing that in joining the EU, the UK “shackled itself to a corpse” and that leaving will allow Britain and the EU to develop a more constructive relationship while also allowing the UK to return to a more global-orientated than European-focused foreign policy. As Brexit unfolds, the realities for Britain’s approaches to European security, conflict, and development are slowly becoming apparent. In this presentation, Dr Tim Oliver will discuss why Brexit happened, where relations between the UK and the EU might now be headed, what Brexit could mean for Europe.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Tim Oliver is the Dahrendorf Fellow for Europe-North American relations at LSE IDEAS and a Teaching Fellow at UCL. The opinions expressed here are his own. His research focuses on UK politics, UK defence and security policy, UK-EU relations, European geopolitics and transatlantic relations. Educated at the University of Liverpool and the LSE, he has worked in the House of Lords, the European Parliament, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Berlin), the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations, and the RAND Corporation (both in Washington D.C.). He has taught at LSE, UCL and as a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He is a non-resident fellow at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations and has been a Visiting Scholar at NYU.

Latest publication: ‘The World After Brexit: from British referendum to global adventure’. International Politics, September 2016.

Dress code: Lounge

Whilst attendance is free, priority will be given to LSE students and alumni.