New Procedure to be Followed when Filing an International Safety Management Form

03 Feb 2016

2 min read

The procedure relating to the filing of International Safety Management (ISM) declaration forms has been recently reviewed by the Merchant shipping Directorate.

As from 1st January 2016 a new ISM declaration form has been introduced whereby registered owners and management companies must fill in the said new form. A copy of the form may be downloaded from Transport Malta’s website and must be submitted to the Directorate by e-mail on

Owners of Maltese registered vessels should notify the Directorate with the above-mentioned declaration form in the following cases:

  1. Delegation of ISM responsibilities from owner to management company of ISM Certified Maltese Registered ships;
  2. Change of registered owner;
  3. Change of ISM management company;
  4. Change in ship’s name.

The ISM declaration form should be sent to the Directorate within two working days from the agreed date of transfer of responsibility.

Moreover, any minor amendments such as change in telephone number/s should be sent to the Directorate on the previously mentioned e-mail address.

The submission of information is imposed on by ISM Code Section 3.1 and shall be solely considered as fulfilling the reporting obligation imposed by said Code.

The ISM managers and the registered owner will receive an electronic acknowledgment of the form and/or any of the necessary amendments. A copy of the correspondence shall be kept aboard the ships.

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