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Introduction of new MGA Regulatory Framework moves to 1st August 2018

02 Jul 2018

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Further to the notification of the draft legal framework regulating gaming in Malta through the Technical Regulation Information System, a Detailed Opinion has been issued by a Member State in relation to the current draft of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations (the “Regulations”) and the European Commission and another Member State have also issued comments in relation to the various proposed legislative instruments.

As a result of this, the standstill period for implementation of the Regulations has been extended to 16th July 2018 and the implementation of the new regulatory framework shall also be delayed by one month and will be moved to the 1st August 2018 in full respect of the standstill period.

During this time, the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority shall be reviewing and taking into account the recommendations made by the European Commission and the Member States.

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