iGaming Law

New Guidelines on Technical Infrastructure Hosting Gaming and Control Systems

28 Jan 2016

2 min read

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently published a new set of guidelines which deal with the technical infrastructure hosting gaming and control system used by remote gaming licenses.

A public consultation on the use of cloud solutions by the remote gaming industry was held and subsequently the mentioned guidelines were drawn up by the MGA.

The guidelines are intended to act as a base and guide for operators, licensees, service providers and stakeholders on the MGA’s compliance objectives when the MGA evaluates an applicant’s or licensee’s technical set-up.

The MGA’s intention when publishing the mentioned guidelines was to update its approach when implementing its regulatory requirements and procedures with respect to technical infrastructure.

The new approach within the guidelines provides the required level of security and data integrity which gives the MGA the opportunity to have timely access to all regulatory data. The mentioned access which the MGA has, ensures that it has the possibility to conduct its supervisory functions, at pre and post-licensing stages whereby the MGA will be in a position to carry out regular inspections, auditing and/or ad-hoc investigations.

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