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MFSA Publishes Circular to the financial services industry on changes to the Investment Services Rules

07 Aug 2015

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On the 4th August 2015 the MFSA published a revised version of Annex 5 to Appendix 13 of Part B III of the Investment Services Rules for Investment Services Providers which qualify as AIFMs in terms of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”). The rationale behind such amendment is for the MFSA to gather the required information under the AIFMD, specifically articles 3(3) and 24(3). The changes include further details regarding the AIFs being managed by both de minimis and full scope AIFMs. The relevant instructions to complete the form are provided in the Important Information Sheet under the same Annex 5.

Both full scope AIFMs and de minimis AIFMs are obliged to complete the information, the former on a quarterly basis while the latter on a half-yearly basis, to be submitted one month from the end of the reporting period concerned.

The MFSA are requesting the above mentioned licence holders to submit the completed Annex 5 with details as at 30th June 2015, electronically, by 18th August 2015, to Hard copies are not required.

The revised version of Annex 5 can be found here.

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