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Malta to improve economic ties with Qatar

04 Jan 2011

2 min read

In a couple of months Malta is planning to open a European Community-Arab League Centre in order to boost economic and trade relations between Arab and European countries.

Malta is keen on enhancing economic and trade relations with Qatar.  A number of Maltese companies are already operating successfully in Qatar in various areas including financial services, hospitality, telecommunications and cultural sectors. The companies engaged in various services include consultancy and legal, architectural and civil engineering, education and training, healthcare and dentistry, security and firefighting.

Since Malta is a member state of the European Union and a Eurozone nation, Qatari businesses can reap the economic benefits of approximately 500 million consumers in the other member sates, as well as  tap the potential of North Africa and the Middle East which are intrinsically linked to the European market through the Euromed agreements.

Malta is also keen to collaborate with Qatar in Islamic Banking and Finance as the country is aiming to become a Centre of Islamic Finance in the Mediterranean. Qatari Islamic financial institutions wanting to spearhead the growth of Shariah-compliant finance in the Mediterranean can benefit from the cost-efficient opportunities that Malta presents by using Malta as the gateway to European and North African markets.

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