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IFS-Malta invited to participate in EU Project

04 Jan 2011

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14th July, 2008 – IFS-Malta has been invited to participate as a relay partner in an EU-funded project that aims to develop a European Qualification Assurance League in Financial Services (€qualifise). The project also has the objective of promoting the Copenhagen process to ensure that the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels assigned to financial qualifications by national organisations are reliable and consistent throughout Europe. IFS-Malta committee members Peter Calleya FCIB and Peter Sant recently attended a project meeting in Barcelona, Spain, where they participated in developing a methodology for assigning EQF levels that takes account of the distinction between knowledge-based qualifications and professional competence qualifications. The project, which brings together 13 partners and six relay partners, was jointly developed by the European Financial Planning Association and the European Bank Training Network and covers the whole financial services sector. The project is to be completed by mid-2009. As a relay partner, IFS-Malta will benefit by sharing experiences and developing best practice in the setting up of an initial Qualification League and disseminating the methodologies, case studies and information about the league to local financial services sector stakeholders. Globally, the financial services sector is a €55 trillion capitalised industry, with more than €17 trillion in the EU, and is therefore critical to the economic well-being of Europe.

As published on the Malta Independent.

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