Identity Malta Agency to lift suspension on new single work permit applications in the coming days

28 Jul 2020

2 min read

On the 16th of March 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, Identity Malta Agency advised that they will not be accepting any new single work permit applications except for highly skilled workers (Key Employee Initiative) and medical professionals.

Over four months later, Identity Malta Agency have confirmed that as from Monday 3rd August 2020 they will start re-accepting new single work permit applications. It is significant to note that all new single work permit applications will be analysed meticulously by both Identity Malta itself and any other stakeholders involved in this process. Factors such as the latest labour market testing and applicable legislation will be taken into consideration.

As from the 3rd of August, new single work permit applications can be submitted online via the following link

With regards to the approval letters which were issued prior to the suspension put in place on the 16th of March and which have now expired, Identity Malta Agency will be issuing new approval letters with extended dates to applicants whose applications for single work permits were successful. Applicants who were initially advised to proceed to Malta to finalise the application process and were granted a visa from a Maltese Consulate abroad, which has now expired, are required to submit a new visa application. The re-opening of visa centres depends strongly on the general health situation in the concerned countries.

Furthermore, pending single permit applications which were put on hold in March, are now being re-assessed, taking into consideration the factors aforementioned and the applicants will be contacted with the final decision in due course.

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