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GVZH Advocates Contributes to Baker McKenzie’s GDPR Enforcement Tracker

04 Feb 2020

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Together with other European law firms, GVZH’s regulatory team contributed to a GDPR Enforcement Tracker which was launched by Baker McKenzie. This Tracker provides an extensive overview of the EU enforcement measures which have taken place since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR) in May 2018. The tool is intended to report the main decisions of the respective national Data Protection Authorities regarding violations of GDPR.

The GDPR Enforcement Tracker includes information regarding the breaches that occurred, the types of penalties handed out, and where applicable, the value of the fines issued as well as a record of how much data was compromised. GVZH’s regulatory team has contributed by providing a description of some of the most salient Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s decisions to date.

The network of lawyers and practitioners keeps itself updated on a monthly basis on any new decisions that are noteworthy.

To access the GDPR Enforcement Tracker, please click here.

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