Fraudulent Residence Permits Revoked

16 Dec 2015

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Recently, a number of letters have been sent to Libyan citizens revoking their illegal residence permits, whereby said persons are given two weeks to leave Malta.  The letters state that the information and documentation which, had been submitted in order for the residence permit to be issued are unreliable.

Letters have also been sent to other Libyan citizens who have filed their application for a residence permit but have not been granted one as yet, stating that the application cannot be processed due to false information being included in said application.

Earlier on this year, a local service provider, was accused and charged in Court for registering false commercial companies in order for the owners and families of the respective companies to acquire residence permits.

A number of employees at Identity Malta are facing extortion charges for being involved in the production of the mentioned illegal permits.

The number of permits which, have been revoked is still unknown.

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