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Financial Aid to Employers in Malta during COVID-19 Outbreak

23 Mar 2020

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Following the Corona-Virus outbreak in Malta, the Government has on the 18th of March 2020 announced measures to assist employers in these unprecedented times.

The measures announced during a press conference were the following:

  1. A grant of €350 per employee to companies that have employees on mandatory quarantine;
  2. Two months additional leave capped at €800 per month will be given to one of the spouses (who work in the private sector and are unable to work remotely) so that either spouse can stay at home with the children;
  3. Individuals whose full-time employment has been terminated with effect from 9th March 2020 shall benefit from a temporary increase in unemployment benefit capped at €800 monthly;
  4. Those companies that have suffered a complete suspension of operations (such as the hospitality industry), will be entitled to a grant equivalent to two days’ salary per week and capped at a monthly salary of €800;
  5. The above measure will also be applicable to self-employed individuals who own their companies, and therefore they too will be eligible to a grant equivalent to two days’ salary per week (based on an assumed monthly salary of €800). Those self-employed individuals who have their own employees shall receive a grant equivalent to three days’ salary per week (based on an assumed monthly salary of €800);
  6. In those instances where the operations of a business have reduced by at least 25%, the employees will benefit from a grant equivalent to 1 day’s salary per week (based on a monthly salary of €800);
  7. Persons with disabilities who are unable to work from home and decide to stop working due to health concerns are entitled to an €800 per month for a specified period.

Measures linked to employment of third-country nationals:

  1. All companies who terminate active employment contracts shall be denied the possibility of recruiting third-country nationals;
  2. Moving forward only applications for highly-skilled third-country workers shall be considered;
  3. Assistance shall be provided to find alternative employment for those third-country nationals whose employment was terminated.

Jobsplus offering new service to aid with the below:

  1. Individuals who are resident in Malta and whose job has been terminated;
  2. Third-country nationals whose employment has been terminated. Assistance will also be provided in connection with work permit queries;
  3. Employers to seek new recruits.

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