Employment and Industrial Relations Law

Equal Treatment in Employment

01 Sep 2014

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An amendment to our laws, now makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against transgender individuals, on grounds of sex. Prior to August 2014, the law only made reference to sexual orientation, without specific reference to those who underwent gender reassignment.

The definition of discriminatory treatment within the Employment and Industrial and Relations Act (chapter 452 of the Laws of Malta) now includes gender reassignment and states:

“In so far as the ground of sex is concerned, any less favourable treatment of a person who underwent or is undergoing gender reassignment, which for the purpose of these regulations shall mean where a person is considering or intends to undergo, or is undergoing or has undergone, a process, or part of a process, for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex”.

This is one of the various changes / amendments by the emplopy of Malta in the battle against discrimination, while encouraging equal treatment and opportunities for all.

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