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Employment Continues to Increase in Malta

28 Sep 2015

2 min read

The Labour Force Survey recently carried out by the National Statistics Office has shown that between April and June of this year, employment in Malta increased by 1.8% when compared with the same three months of last year. The highest employment rate was recorded among persons aged between 25 and 54. In particular, the employment rate of men for this age bracket was 90.8%, while the one for women was at 64.1%.

According to the said survey, employed men were mostly engaged in wholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, accommodation and food service activities (29.5%). On the other hand, employed women were mostly engaged in public administration, education, health and social work activities. The majority of employed persons worked on full-time basis, while only an estimated 12.8% of employees have part-time jobs as their primary employment. Self-employed persons accounted for 13.8% of the total employed population.

The said Labour Force Survey has also shown that salaries paid to Maltese employees increased. In fact, the average annual basic salary of employees for the second quarter of 2015 has been estimated at € 16,406, from € 16,078 in the same period last year. Such an amount includes only the basic pay and excludes extra payments such as overtime, bonuses and any further allowances. The highest average annual basic salary for employees was recorded in the information and communication sector.

The above confirms that Malta continues to be one of the most attractive European countries where employers decide to run their business and employees choose to work and reside.

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