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Dr. Andrew Zammit speaks at IFSP’s Annual Conference

29 Dec 2016

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Providers of financial services from across the entire range of the industry are facing an almost unprecedented range of challenges, be it from increased regulatory pressure, political upheaval or the introduction of new technologies that promise to upend the certainties that have underpinned the market for decades.

Through all this, the practitioner needs to continue to fulfill client expectations. This can be done; the challenges need not impact the high quality of service the clients served by Malta’s practitioners have come to expect. To do so, however, the opportunities these challenges create need to be first understood, and then taken.

The IFSP Conference offers an opportunity to listen to some of Malta’s leading practitioners  talk about the nature of the challenges, and how they see opportunities arising from them—and discuss the issues with them, during Q&As for the sessions.

Dr. Andrew Zammit, Managing Partner at GVZH Advocates, will be speaking at this event. If you would like to meet us there, please contact us here.

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