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Corporation ordered to pay €205,694, in lieu of salaries and repatriation expenses

22 May 2014

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Last month Judge Padovani Grima ordered the Ladybug Corporation to pay the 22 crew members, the sum of €205,694, in lieu of salaries and repatriation expenses, after that the owners had stopped communication with the International Transport Workers’ Federation, refused to take calls and had abandoned the crew and vessel.

The Ladybug Corporation had stopped supplying the bunkering of supplies to the vessel – including water and food for the crew.  The Federation, who filed a civil suit on behalf of the seafarers, requested the payment of salaries backdated from May 2013 and the expenses to repatriate the crew.

The Court heard how the Labybug Corporation was in a dire financial state and was not in a position to pay salaries. The vessel’s sister ships ‘A Labybug’ and ‘D Ladybug’ were also in Maltese territorial waters and the salaries of their crews were also not paid.

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