Closure of Law Courts & Suspension of Legal and Judicial Times (Due to COVID-19)

18 Mar 2020

2 min read

The Government has introduced legislation which enforce the closing of law courts and the suspending of legal and judicial times. This also includes promises of sales.

Legal Notices are as follows:

  • N. 65 of 2020 – Closure of the Courts of Justice Order, 2020.  In virtue of this LN, the Superintendent of Public Health ordered the closure of the courts and the courts’ registry with effect from the 16th of March, 2020, which order shall remain in force until it is revoked by the Superintendent.
  • N. 61 of 2020 – Epidemics and Infectious Disease (Suspension of Legal and Judicial Times) Order, 2020. This suspends the running of any legal and judicial times and of any other time limits including peremptory periods applicable to proceedings or other procedures before the courts while the courts are closed. The suspension shall last until seven (7) days following the lifting of the repeal of the order by the Superintendent.
  • N. 75 of 2020 – Suspension of Legal Times relating to Promise of Sale Agreements, Notarial and other related matters (Epidemics and Infectious Disease) Order, 2020. This stipulates that when the Superintendent orders the closure of all courts or any courts, for the purpose of guarding against and, or controlling dangerous epidemics or infectious disease, the suspension of the running of all the legal terms imposed on a notary public by law to register any deed, will, act or private writing or any period within which the notary public, in terms of any applicable law, has to pay taxes collected by him in the exercise of his profession or any term related to fiscal benefits, incentives or exemptions or any period within which a notary public is to submit any information or documentation to any authority or regulator pursuant to relevant notarial activity and any expiration of any term in any promise of sale agreement duly registered in terms of law with the Commissioner of Revenue within the period established by law shall be suspended whilst the order for closure is in force without the need of any signatures or formal renewals by the parties. The suspension shall last until twenty (20) days following the repeal of any such order by the Superintendent.