Brexit referendum

12 Jul 2016

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Dr. Joseph Zammit Maempel will be in in Manchester, U.K. as an accredited observer of the Brexit Referendum. The U.K. Electoral Commission invited representatives from the other 27 EU states as well as from Commonwealth countries. In all, there will be some 48 observers.

On Tuesday 21st June, all observers will attend a briefing session addressed by Jenny Watson (Chair of the UK Electoral Commission), Dr. Katryn Simpson ( expert in comparative European politics), Andrew Scallan CBE (director Administration of the UK Electoral Commission), Prof. Andrew Russell (professor of politics at Manchester University) and Daniel Hewitt (chief political correspondent of ITV News Granada).

On Wed., 22nd June the process of the opening and sorting of the Postal Votes will be attended. On Thursday 23rd June, a number of polling stations will be attended, and after the closing of the polling stations (10.00 p.m.)  the observers will be taken to the Manchester Town Hall which hosted the computer nerve centre of the 382 counting centres from around the UK until the final result will be published by the Chair of the Electoral Commission (Jenny Watson).

GVZH Advocates will be attending this event. Should you wish to meet us there, contact us here.