Malta’s booming Aircraft Register

28 Sep 2015

2 min read

The Maltese government has been endorsing Malta as an aviation hub through the implementation of various policies relating to the aviation industry since 2010. Naturally, over the years these policies have drastically improved Malta’s image as one of the most outstanding jurisdictions for Aircraft Registration. Malta now boasts a new record of 201 registered aircrafts and Transport Malta has recently announced that since the very beginning of the year 2015 it has registered a total of 49 aircrafts. This shows a significant improvement when compared to the 43 aircrafts which were registered during the course of last year.

The Maltese government’s plan to promote the island as the jurisdiction of choice for companies seeking to find a base for their aviation activities is being primarily promoted by Transport Malta since this entity is the chief player within this booming industry.

In fact, officials working within Transport Malta have stated that in order to reach its targets it was vital to reorganise the Civil Aviation Directorate which controls all aviation activities carried out on the island. Furthermore, apart from reorganising the Directorate, Transport Malta also provided in-depth training sessions to key personnel and it is has undergone a rigours process to employ the right individuals.

Since various policies were implemented, the Civil Aviation Directorate is now equipped with all the right tools to enforce its safety policies and to boost the services which are provided for within this industry. Results have already shown that worldwide operators have positively acknowledged Malta’s endeavours.

Boosting this industry means that Malta is now more appealing to various foreign investors, and more business is currently being generated. Moreover, there will most certainly be more opportunities for those investors who are willing to invest in the Maltese Aviation Industry.

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