Compliance Executive

Team: Compliance

Ref: 205/21

Reporting to: Head of Compliance

Job duties and responsibilities

The Compliance Executive shall primarily be responsible for:

  • Supporting the Head of Compliance and MLRO in the following functions:
    • Carrying out relevant risk assessments in respect of the Company’s operations and business to identify the Company’s exposure to ML/TF risks and identifying measures through which such exposure can be mitigated;
    • Setting-up the Company’s AML/CFT, Compliance and Risk Management Programmes, aimed at establishing the policies and procedures to be implemented by the Company, and continuously updating said Programmes to ensure that they are in line with any developments which may take place;
    • Delivering AML/CFT and other compliance-related training to the Company’s employees;
    • Acting as a point of contact and information for other departments in order to understand their needs and ensure that they are well-equipped in order to execute their obligations in the Company’s AML/CFT Programme;
    • Preparing periodic AML/CFT and compliance reports for presentation to the Board of Directors;
    • Preparing external reports and returns to be submitted to the relevant regulatory or other authorities in line with the Company’s compliance and AML/CFT obligations;
    • Generally ensuring that the Company’s business operations are conducted in a manner which is compliant with any applicable laws, regulations, professional standards, accepted business practices and internal standards;
  • Assuming an active role in the client onboarding process being carried out in regard to prospective clients, particularly from a risk assessment, client screening and customer due diligence perspective;
  • Carrying out ongoing monitoring from an AML/CFT perspective on existing clients, as and when this is deemed to be necessary;
  • Carrying out research on an ongoing basis into the relevant AML/CFT and other regulatory legislation and regulations which may be applicable to the Company and its operations;
  • Taking ownership of the Company’s Compliance Monitoring Programme to ensure that all compliance obligations are being adhered to in a timely and adequate manner;
  • Maintaining the Company’s Key Operation Processes Manual up-to-date to ensure that this constantly reflects a true and fair view of the Company’s processes, in line with the ISO 9001;
  • Liaising with the relevant authority / other entities regarding any licensing and compliance-related matters;
  • Generally assisting the MLRO and Head of Compliance with day-to-day and other duties from an AML/CFT, compliance and regulatory perspective.


  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent proficiency in verbal and written English
  • Organisational and time management skills
  • Strong analytical skills, particularly with a high level of attention to detail
  • Practical approach towards problem-solving
  • Ability to face challenges with enthusiasm, to work independently and act on own initiative, but also as part of a motivated team
  • Dependability, commitment, and dedication towards the role

Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of two years of professional experience in a similar position
  • Tertiary level of education (minimum of MQF Level 5 equivalent)


While not being an essential requirement for eligibility, the following shall be considered as valuable assets, and preference shall be given to candidates possessing such:

  • A law degree
  • Compliance and/or AML/CFT-related qualifications

Closing Date

Oct 31, 2022

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