Client Accountant

Juan David Ramirez Cardona


In June 2023, Juan became a client accountant at GVZH, overseeing a portfolio of clients with a focus on accounting and related responsibilities, particularly in the yacht industry.

Juan’s primary professional background lies in Colombia, where he acquired expertise in managerial accounting within manufacturing companies and gained auditing experience at firms such as Nexia International.



Juan is a Certified Public Accountant, he holds a Certificate in International Audit issued by ACCA and graduated from the University of Manizales-Colombia.


Juan is fluent in Spanish, English, and basic French.


192 Old Bakery Street,
VLT 1455,

+356 2122

Job highlights

Last year on 2022, with regards to his previous job, he was able to work on-site the client Attard Brothers Group, which it’s considered one of the most well-known companies in Malta in the Building industry. Such experience contributed to acquire accounts skills on a foreign country.