Directorship Services

Directorship Services

A Malta Company (Private Company) is required to have a least one director. Public companies on the other hand must have a minimum of two directorships. In the case of private companies, directors can be both resident and non-resident individuals and / or corporate entities.

Chapter VIII of the Companies Act[1], states that a director of a company shall be bound to act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the company. Directors shall be responsible for the general governance of the company, its proper administration and management and the general supervision of its affairs.

GVZH provides directorship services, either through GVZH Trustees Limited or through individuals having the necessary qualifications and professional experience for fulfill the role. Such involvements are accepted based on the following conditions:

  • The Company’s activities and financial standing are adequately presented to GVZH.
  • The appointed Director maintains joint or sole control of all decision-making processes within the company, the execution of agreements and the maintenance of all bank accounts. It is GVZH Trustees’ policy for our directors to be joint signatories on any company bank account which belongs to a company under our management.
  • The Company’s financial accounts are retained by the appointed Director and bookkeeping / financial statements are prepared by GVZH’s in house accounting team.

For more information with regards to our Directorship Services, please forward your enquiry to

[1] Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta

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