Company Secretary

Company Secretary

It is a legal requirement for every company in Malta to have a company secretary. GVZH can assist with the provision of professional individuals holding role of company secretary together with the provision of a corporate company secretary.

The legal role and responsibilities of the Company Secretary primarily relate to the keeping of:

  • the company minute book for board meetings and general meetings.
  • the register of members.
  • the register of debentures.
  • the register of transfers.
  • the register of applications and allotments of shares.
  • the register of pledges on shares.
  • the register of directors.
  • the register of company secretaries.

The company secretary is also legally charged with the responsibility to ensure that:

  • proper notices are given of all meetings; and
  • company returns and other documents are prepared and filed as and when appropriate, including the Annual Return as prescribed by the Companies Act.

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