Company Formation in Malta

GVZH Trustees is an independent company services provider, providing a full array of Malta company formation and administration services. Maltese company formation involves a high degree of customisation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and also of specific tax compliance documents. For this reason, shelf companies are not available.

The incorporation process takes between 2 and 5 working days after all due diligence and other formalities are completed.

Types of Companies available in Malta

The following vehicles represent the most common forms of business entities available under Maltese law:

Limited Liabilities Companies
Association en Participation
Branches of Foreign Companies and Other Entities

The Process

  1. Reserve Name with the Registry of Companies and obtain written confirmation
  2. Deposit the initial issued share capital of the company with GVZH or with the proposed bankers of the Company and obtain a copy of the bank credit advice / deposit slip together with a written confirmation that the relative deposit represents the initial capital for the company
  3. Obtain full due diligence in respect of:
    – Director/s (individuals or corporate)
    – Company Secretary/ies
    – Shareholder/s (individuals or corporate)
    – Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s
  4. Obtain signatures on all incorporation documents including:
    – Company Application form (Mandatory)
    – Power of Attorney appointing a representative for the purpose of executing the Company’s incorporation documents (If required)
    – Memorandum and Articles of Association (duly signed by the shareholder/s or representative on the basis of Power of Attorney)
    – Directorship/Company Secretary Engagement Agreement (where relevant)
    – Accountancy Services Agreement (if required)
    – Undertaking letter
    – Form U (If required)
  5. File the following with the Registry of Companies:
    – Name reservation confirmation
    – Deposit of capital confirmation
    – Signed Memorandum and Articles of Association
    – Due diligence in respect of:
    a) Shareholder/s
    b) Director/s
    c) Company secretary/ies

  6. Once the company is incorporated – proceed with opening of the company bank account. This can be held in any jurisdiction and Malta bank accounts can be co-ordinated by GVZH. All original due diligence must be received in order to be able to proceed with bank account opening.

Documents Required

A Maltese company is constituted by a Memorandum of Association being entered into and subscribed to by at least two persons (unless a private exempt company) and a certificate of registration being issued in respect thereof.

The Memorandum should state:

  • the name of the company;
  • the name, address and official identification of the subscribers thereto;
  • whether the company is a private company or a public company;
  • the registered office of the company in Malta;
  • the objects of the company;
  • details regarding the authorised, issued and paid-up share capital;
  • the number of directors and the particulars of the first directors and secretary,
  • the manner in which the representation of the company is to be exercised.

The authorised and issued share capital of a private company must be of a minimum of EUR 1164.69 of which at least 20% is to be paid-up.  In the case of public companies, the minimum authorised and issued share capital shall be of EUR 46,587.47 of which at least 25% must be paid-up. Companies may have their share capital denominated in any major currency.

Company Registration Expenses are payable to the Registrar of Companies upon incorporation.  Currently, they vary from a minimum of EUR 245 to a maximum of EUR 2,250, depending on the value of Authorised Share Capital.

The authority responsible for administering the register of all Maltese companies is the centralised Registry of Companies (RoC) which is physically located in the same premises as the Malta Financial Services Authority. This Registry of Companies is largely modelled on the Anglo-Saxon model of a centralised company register. All official filings effected in respect of Maltese companies may be accessed through the registry’s website at MFSA.

GVZH Trustees provides a seamless Malta company formation procedure, ensuring that clients maintain a direct and clear view of the process and are provided with a discreet, responsive and personalised service for all their corporate administration needs. The company also provides comprehensive management services, and accounting and back-office support.

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