AML/CFT Executive

Chris Boot


Chris is an AML/CFT Executive at GVZH, forming an integral part of the Compliance function of the organisation. In assisting the MLRO and Head of Compliance, Chris is primarily responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of the organisation’s AML/CFT framework on a practical level in its day-to-day operations. He further supports the various structures of the organisation by facilitating the onboarding of new clients, supporting internal AML/CFT training efforts and generally ensuring that the relevant framework is constantly maintained up-to-date with any developments which may take place.

Prior to joining the organization, Chris had accumulated 14 years of experience in a credit institution, focusing on the prevention of identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, terrorist funding and other financial crimes. During Chris’s time with the financial institution, he dedicated his time to completing several courses including process improvement, Project management and quality assurance monitoring. Throughout his career, he has gained essential experience in Quality Assurance and client support and satisfaction, all while ensuring that operations are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations.


Chris is fluent in English.


192 Old Bakery Street,
VLT 1455,

+356 2122