Senior Associate

Jonathan De Maria

Jonathan’s principal areas of practice include Civil Law, Property Law,  Public Procurement Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Tax Dispute Resolution and he has many years of experience assisting clients in Civil, Property, Public Procurement, Commercial and Corporate and Tax Litigation and in Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.


Jonathan de Maria graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal and Humanistic Studies from the University of Malta in 1996 and concurrently obtained his Diploma of Legal Procurator. He has practised Civil and Commercial Procedure and Litigation as a Legal Procurator since 1997. He furthered his studies at the University of Malta and graduated as Doctor of Laws in 2009 after submitting a thesis entitled ‘Securitisation – a replacement for traditional forms of business lending’ (ital). He was called to the Bar in 2010 and has since practised as an Advocate.


Jonathan is fluent in English, Italian and Maltese and has a basic knowledge of French.